The Etoile Series is a departure from the traditional perception of Waterford’s design style. I designed the original Etoile, which captured the imagination of customers by bringing a brave new shape and Art Deco style to the brand. Etoile is Art Deco, a period I studied as an industrial design student in Dublin. An Irish designer, Eileen Gray, was the focal point of my studies. She was one of the first true influences of Art Deco and Modernism, combining decorative and minimal forms in stunning, classic designs.


This was the perfect style vehicle to transport Waterford lighting to another design dimension. I developed a clean, symmetrical shape, which distributed light using the famous Waterford prisms, thereby letting the crystal do the talking. Recently, I developed the Etoile Nouveau Luminescence Collection. Here, I changed the design to cleaner lines, yet the crystal is still talking.